[Important] Scheduled maintenance on Estonian servers October 25, 2022

Maintenance work on core network system (nodes gateway)Status: PlannedAffected systems: VM (virtual machines)Start: 2022-10-27 12:00 UTC+3 – Estimated end: 2022-10-28 19:00 UTC+3Duration: 30 minutesIn the mentioned period, we will be performing the scheduled maintenance work on the core VM gateway system. During the mainenance time slot VM ...

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Support of CentOS 8 (ISPsystem products) will be discontinued February 7, 2022

Support for CentOS 8 has been officially discontinued as of December 31, 2021. If ISPmanager and VMmanager are installed on your servers and this operating system, the software will continue to run, but will no longer be updated by ISPsystem company. To avoid the non-updating of the software, it is possible to migrate the ISPmanager and VMmanager ...

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